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About Us

Online Sabong Philippines has demonstrated a proactive engagement with local communities through its provision of support to businesses and the organization of events catering to Sabong aficionados hailing from various parts of the globe. The platform on which we operate plays a crucial role in facilitating the expansion of the Talpakan Online Sabong community in the present day.

What’s Online Sabong?

What's Online Sabong

The renowned internet portal known as e-Sabong offers live cockfighting shows throughout the Philippines, namely in the rural region of Talpakan. In addition, we offer blogs about sabong and provide news on sabong events, online updates on sabong events, and guides for entertainment-related casino games.

About us – Online Sabong Mission & Vision


Sabong aims to safeguard the fundamental aspects of traditional culture while concurrently advocating for ethical and responsible conduct within the realm of Cockfighting.


Sabong’s commitment to fostering an ethical and sustainable future for the game is evident in his forward-looking perspective.

Filipino cockfighting “Sabong”

Cockfighting or sabong is a very popular practice and tradition in the Philippines which has a significant impact on the country’s economy. The government regulates the Sabong and is a popular sport with a large number of followers and breeders throughout the country who participate in competitions and other activities. Filipino culture has a lot of connection with the sport. It is celebrated in market days and other events for socializing.

Filipino cockfighting Sabong

Sabong plays a crucial role in the Philippine economy through the sale and cultivation of combat cocks, along with other commodities, hence creating employment opportunities and producing revenue. The popularity of cockfighting tournaments as tourist destinations is also noteworthy. Tourists from many parts of the world travel to attend the sporting event, while simultaneously gaining insights into the local customs and culture.

Online Sabong’s Team 

Online Sabong's Team 

The strength and vitality of Online Sabong are not solely due to the sport of cockfighting, but also to the committed individuals who are the heart of the company.

Leadership inside an organization 

The CEO of Online Sabong is an experienced executive who supervises the company’s strategic trajectory and ensures its adherence to its core values. The leader bears the responsibility of making decisions, formulating long-term plans, and establishing an environment that is distinguished by exceptional performance. 

Animal welfare and veterinary care 

The ethical care of gamecocks is crucial, and the team members with expertise in veterinary practice ensure the welfare, health, and ethical handling of highly desirable roosters. 

The duties and obligations 

The team members with expertise in community involvement diligently strive to integrate Sabong into local communities, fostering favorable connections and executing projects that provide community benefits. 

Practices grounded in ethical principles 

The prevailing theme among team members revolves around their dedication to upholding ethical standards in the realm of cockfighting, with the ultimate goal of preserving Sabong’s reputation as an institution that adheres to ethical principles. 

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The establishment of Online Sabong occurred in the year 2021. Currently, Online Sabong has gained significant recognition as a prominent platform, boasting a team of proficient and well-informed personnel who diligently strive to provide exceptional live online sabong services to its clientele. 

Online Sabong actively contributes to local communities through supporting local companies, hosting events that help the local economy, as well as by implementing charitable initiatives.

The principal figures driving Online Sabong include visionary founders and a dedicated core group. Their varied backgrounds, shared enthusiasm for Sabong and leadership roles together are the key factors that drive the success of the company.


Online Sabong stands as a witness to the richness of Filipino traditions and the development of cockfighting as an art phenomenon. In the course of reminiscing about Sabong’s history, we invite fans, community members as well as those interested in this long-standing tradition to discover more about Sabong on our website. Explore, interact and become member of our Online Sabong community.