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With our experience, professionalism, and comprehensive database we satisfy the needs of experts and new hands equally. You can trust us to bring you dependable and accurate information about the cockfighting events that set your bet. Our service is secure when it comes to betting on live Sabong.

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Other Top Online Sabong Platforms: Sabong Review

Besides Online Sabong Philippines, there are other e-sabong platforms and casinos offering e-sabong options for Filipino gamblers. These platforms and their respective specialized offerings are the following:

E-Sabong SiteBest Features
Sabong InternationalSabong Tournament promotion and extensive sabong guides
Sabong WorldwideExtensive sabong guide and good welcome bonus
Go PeryaOnline sabong and perya game selection
22FunLive online sabong
W19Live online sabong and virtual sabong

Of these platforms, only Sabong International and Sabong Worldwide are dedicated online sabong platforms. The other sites may offer cockfighting services, but the site itself isn’t focused on it and only offers them in addition to their existing offerings.

For more information on these platforms, check out how we write our sabong reviews and see what we base our reviews on and the actual reviews on these platforms.

Top Online Sabong Apps Brief Review

Besides our own online sabong mobile app, sabong bettors also typically bet on other platforms by playing on other sabong apps. Some of the top e-sabong apps besides ours are the following:

PlatformCompatibilitySabong AvailabilityBonusesSpecial Feature
Sabong InternationaliOS and APKLive sabongSabong TournamentSabong guides
Sabong WorldwideAPK onlyLive sabongDeposit bonusesSabong guides and perya games
Go PeryaAPK onlyLive sabongVaried bonusesPerya games
22FunAPK onlyLive sabongApp download bonusN/A
W19iOS and APKLive and Virtual sabongGCash 100 PHP bonusN/A
PH SabongAPK onlyMultiple live sabongWatch Liveshow for freeLive adult shows

Of the mobile sabong platforms above, the PH Sabong app is arguably the only one that is specifically designed for online sabong as it is more convenient to use that their desktop interface. PH Sabong’s games menu is much more visible in the app than in the desktop version.

W19 is another platform that’s better when accessed through a mobile device as the mobile UI is more intuitive than the web version. Even looking for the download option is easier when accessed through the mobile version as the site immediately prompts the gambler to download it.

Sabong International, Sabong Worldwide, Go Perya, and 22Fun are more standard and are good for both desktop and mobile access with the “app download” button being easily accessible. Our reviews on the apps can be summed up below:

  • Sabong International – 4.5 thanks to better compatibility and sabong-specific bonus
  • Sabong Worldwide – 4 thanks to sabong guides
  • Go Perya – 4 thanks to availability of perya game alternatives
  • 22Fub – 3 thanks to no special features
  • W19 – 3.5 thanks to better compatibility, basic bonus, and no special features
  • PH Sabong – 4.5 thanks to multiple live sabong options with free adult live shows as a bonus

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Become an Online Sabong Agent

Become an Online Sabong Agent

Types of Sabong Bet Available Online

Types of Sabong Bet Available Online

With our sabong platform, several types of bets are typically available for bettors to choose from. These sabong bets types add excitement and variety to the experience. Here are some common types of bets you might find on our Online Sabong platform:


Meron normally supplies top-quality cocks raised on fine farms with the best food, nutrients, and living conditions to maximize their chances of winning. The word Meron stands for the winning side or an available winner from one bet to another.


In online cockfighting, “wala” refers to the loser of a cock fight or the cockfighter who didn’t win one particular match.


In online cockfighting, “llamado” is applied to the favorite or probable winner of a fight based on elements such as chicken breed, weight, and past performance records.

Dejado and Doblado

In online sabong, “dejado” is a more draggy state, when the bettor’s side egger at roosters of low grade in getting a cockfight begins, the probability grows less. Conversely, “doblado” stands for a tactic in betting where bettors double their original stake after making up for losses with the aim of turning a surplus. 

Sow value in this chicken betting system is dependent on the long-term odds, and these depend somewhat on how good your rooster is. 

These odds are categorized thusly:

  • “Sampu-anim” = 10% chance
  • “Walo” = 25%
  • “Onse” = 30% 
  • “Tres” = 50%
  • “Parehas” is a fifty-fifty shot at winning or losing.

Draw – Both Dead

You can bet on a draw. In addition, if both roosters are killed during the live cockfight, it will finish in a draw.

Famous Sabong Events in the Philippines

Famous Online Cockfighting Events in the Philippines

In Filipino culture, cockfighting plays a significant role. A large number of famous activities each year in turn provide a showcase for people to display this traditional sport. Take for example the following tournaments:

World Slasher Cup (WSC)

As one of the most prestigious cockfighting events in the Philippines, this biannual fight is held at Quezon City’s Smart Araneta Coliseum. Breeders from several countries enter their best game fowls to compete, making it known as the Olympics of Cockfighting. The World Slasher Cup is a festival in the cockfighting world. The event attracts fighters and spectators from all corners of the world.

World Gamefowl Expo

In addition, the World Gamefowl Expo 2014 was held at World Trade Center Metro Manila From this expo enthusiasts and professionals in the field had a chance to display their talents, exchange experiences among themselves, and look forward to any new trends that might arise in gamefowl breeding or cockfight technique. Any activity of this sort demonstrates beyond doubt not only the great importance of Cockfighting in Filippino history but also how popular it remains today region-wide and worldwide.

Sabong World Cup (SWC)

One of the most significant international cockfighting events worldwide is the Sabong World Cup which is held in the Philippines. It unites fans and breeders from all over the world who seek not only to win large financial prizes but also to participate in the celebration of the Filipino cultural tradition that is “Sabong”. This event provides an opportunity to witness the high-stakes realities of cockfighting. Indeed, valued gamecocks compete for honor and potentially life-altering prizes. For those who are truly passionate, it is a must-see affair.

PAGCOR Online Sabong Regulation

Live cockfighting, also known as sabong in the Philippines, has a thousand-year history. In the arena, two cocks are brought together and bets are laid on them. Live cockfighting is broadcast over the internet. Although local governments supervise cockfights that occur in arenas, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation oversees Online sabong, also known as e-Sabong. The Office of the Solicitor General and Department of Justice have confirmed that PAGCOR is empowered to license e-Sabong, the practice of making bets on live cockfights as they are played out in licensed cockpit arenas.

PAGCOR Online Sabong Regulation

PAGCOR’S e-Sabong Licensing Department creates regulatory frameworks, examines applications and issues licenses for eSabong operations.

Online sabong is regulated by PAGCOR while local cockpits manage actual cockfights. Through Online Sabong, users can pick sides in live cockfights that take place at licensed cockpit arenas. After the Office of the Solicitor General and Department of Justice confirmed PAGCOR’s authorization, the E-Sabong Licensing Department developed regulatory frameworks, processed applications, and issued licenses for eSabong operations in order to oversee and promote responsible gaming in this emerging sector.

Becoming a Master Agent in Online Sabong

Becoming a Master Agent in Online Sabong

In the burgeoning field of online sabong, there is a golden chance for enthusiasts to up their involvement and profits by becoming Master Agents. This attractive business invites exceptionally rich rewards, with commission rates running from 51% of weekly turnover up to an extraordinarily high limit of 100k per day.

Why Become a Master Agent?

  • Enormous Earnings: The earning potential of a Master Agent is unrivaled, with commissions of up to 51% of profits or 100k per day.
  • Diverse Function: As a Master Agent, you become the linchpin of the entire system, enabling customers to bet and taking care of security and evacuating.
  • Increased Involvement: Going beyond mere financial return, becoming a Master Agent enhances your overall immersion in the thrilling world of Sabong, perhaps even helping you make friends in this lively community.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Support

If new to Online Sabong and in need of assistance, our dedicated customer service team’s expertise is readily available for any questions or problems and appears self-evident as naturally an active duty undertaken around the clock 365 days a year. Whether you are faced with technical difficulties, looking for help getting started, or want to know what the features of the platform are, keep asking our team, which is committed to the good service and support needed to ensure that your experience on Online Sabong goes smoothly and comfortably.


To register an account, the specialized site for cockfighting matches hosts a special website registration process that will direct you. There, without an agent, you can place bets on your favorite roosters and watch the matches live

The long-standing tradition of Sabong cockfighting in the Philippines is deeply rooted in the country’s tradition and history. The rise of technology over recent years has given birth to e-sabong

Yes. It was possible to win money when the online platform offered to bet on e-Sabong


Our e-sabong services are streamed live. As long as you are betting on the game, you don’t need to be at its physical location. Moreover, with us yearlong 24/7 high-definition live broadcasts for on-demand use, when users put sabong bets on our platform they can enjoy high-quality streaming in real comfort as a bonus. With our sabong, the live betting section has many interesting markets waiting to be discovered. Although the game is certainly novel and presents compelling odds also, you can take advantage of our fantastic offers if betting live on our e-sabong app.