Online Sabong Privacy Policy Guidelines

privacy policy

It is crucial to keep the personal information of users secure and private in the constantly evolving world of online gaming. Online Sabong illustrates an online gambling site that takes great care of the privacy of its customers. This Privacy Policy explains what we collect, how we utilize, and maintain your personal information secure whenever you are using our services on the internet or offline.

Data Utilization and Collection

Data Utilization and Collection

We at Sabong Online, prioritize the security and privacy of our customers. Our practices for collecting data are designed to improve your experience while also ensuring that we comply with all regulations and legal standards.

Personal Information

When you sign up through Sabong Online, we may gather basic information such as your name email address, postal address, phone number, and in certain cases the identification documents. This information collection is by regulatory and legal requirements and is used for validating your identity and ensuring conformity with the laws in force.

Transaction Information

To provide a smooth betting experience in connection with Sabong occasions, we gather data on your wagers and losses, wins as well as other betting activities. This data is essential for processing transactions and supplying you with current and accurate details of your betting past.

Device Information

To improve our services overall and to ensure their security We track your device used to connect Sabong Online. This can include details like the model of the device and operating system, as well as the IP address, as well as your browsing habits. This data helps us to optimize our platform to work with various devices and helps ensure your account’s security.

Cookies and other similar technologies

Cookies as well as other similar technologies are utilized in Sabong Online to give each user a unique and personalized experience. These technologies help us recall your preferences keep track of the way you interact with our site and ensure that our users are content. You can alter how cookies operate by changing the settings of your personal computer. This allows you to control the way things are personalized for you.

How Do We Use Your Information

How Do We Use Your Information

We are committed to protecting your privacy here on Sabong Online, and the method we use to collect your data will show how committed we are to ensuring that you enjoy a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.

1. Facilitating and Enhancing Sabong Service:

Your personal information is vital to providing us with information that allows us to continuously enhance your Sabong services. When you’re placing bets controlling your accounts or examining the most recent features, the information that we collect provides an easy and personalized experience that is tailored to your needs.

2. Contact with You

We believe in open communication with our customers. To keep you updated on the latest news as well as promotions and other important information on Sabong Events, we can utilize your email or telephone number. This method helps us increase your involvement through Sabong Online and ensures you’re always informed about exciting opportunities.

3. Security and Prevention of Fraud

Making sure your account is secure and providing the security of your betting is our top priority. We use your information to establish robust security measures that protect you from unauthorized access or fraud as well as other illegal actions. This proactive approach enhances the integrity and reliability of Sabong Online.

Information sharing and third Party

Information sharing and third Party

a. There is no sharing for marketing without Your Consent:

We would like to assure you that we will never, give your data to a third party for market purposes without first obtaining your consent. In terms of privacy, the choices you make are important to us and we appreciate the choices you make.

b. Collaboration with trusted Service Providers:

To improve the efficiency and functionality of our products, we could use trusted Third-party providers of services. These firms are crucial in a variety of practical areas, for example, processing payments and analyzing data. Be assured that our relationships with the service companies were made under strict confidentiality agreements to guarantee the safety of your personal information.

C. Law Enforcement Cooperation:

In some situations, there may be a need necessary to provide your personal information to police agencies. This may be required by law or to safeguard the security of people. Although these situations are not common however, this procedure is carried out with utmost care to comply with legal requirements and contribute to the larger goal of ensuring the safety and security of our online environment.

Security Measures

We care about the security of your data and take appropriate methods and procedures to ensure your data is secure from those who aren’t authorized to be able to access it share it, modify it, share it, or even delete it. This includes encryption as well as filters and secure methods to store your information.

Your Rights and Choices

  • Certain rights are available about your personal information, which include:
  • Access Your right to view your data and request an exact copy.
  • Correction: If information you have about yourself is incorrect or is not correct you are entitled to request for it to be corrected.
  • In certain situations, you are entitled to request for your personal information to be removed.
  • Limitation of Processing: In certain instances, you have the right to opt out of the processing of your data.

You are entitled to refuse to have your data utilized for marketing purposes.

Contact Us

Contact us at +639998077759 if there are any concerns or questions regarding our Privacy Policy.

Changes made to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy could be modified from time to the moment. If there are significant changes, we’ll notify you via our website or through another appropriate way. Online Sabong promises to let players know about any modifications to its privacy policy. Furthermore, the casino provides the possibility for customers to raise privacy concerns. This ensures transparency and accountability.

Please note that when you use Online Sabong Services, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We suggest that you read the policy regularly for any changes.


Online Sabong collects basic information like contact information, name as well as payment details.

Sure, Online Sabong uses cookies to enhance the user experience, offer specific content, and enhance services.

The data can be shared with partners and service providers to perform functions such as processing payments and fraud prevention.

Online Sabong updates its privacy policy on privacy regularly to keep up with changes in legislation as well as business practice.


Online Sabong’s privacy policy is in line with industry procedures and places importance on being transparent and safe while also adhering to the laws. The users can rest assured that their data is secure because the company has safeguards that are in place to ensure it remains confidential and provides users with control over their data. As with all websites, Online Sabong users Online Sabong services should know the privacy policies to ensure that they have the most enjoyable and secure experience.