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Amanda Sy - Author

Amanda Sy, a distinguished Filipino writer and anthropologist has left a lasting impression on the history of cockfighting through her informative contribution to Online Sabong. She was born and raised within the rich cultural weave of the Philippines Sy’s childhood was formed by the rich tradition and varied heritage of her native country.

Early Life and the cultural roots

Amanda Sy

Amanda Sy was born and raised in the Philippines a country that is with a rich history of different cultural traditions and heritages. She was a student at Adamson University and grew up in the City of Manila. Her family is involved in the poultry industry, Sy spent her formative years in the company of different types of animals at the vast farm of her father. 

The experiences she had with taking care of the fowl as well as traveling with her father on Tupada events ignited her interest in gaining knowledge about cockfighting as well as the wider area that is online-based sabong. These first encounters gave her a profound appreciation for cultural diversity. This is reflected throughout her work, adding the unique flavor she has to her studies of the art of cockfighting.

Amanda Sy’s Most Notable Performances

Amanda Sy's Most Notable Performances

Sy’s interest in understanding the different cultures of the world led her to study the field of anthropology, and she dedicated her time to researching societal dynamics and the underlying traditions. Her education was characterized by a constant research and learning process, which culminated with a degree in anthropology.

NOTES on the Great Fighting Rooster Work

One of Sy’s greatest accomplishments in Anthropology is her well-known work, titled “Notes Concerning the Great Fighting Rooster.” This ground-breaking piece explores the complex world of cockfighting within the Philippines and provides a nuanced analysis of how this enduring practice functions as an anthropological microcosm of Filipino society. Sy’s analysis is insightful and argues that cockfighting is an imitation of the culture, and provides an example from which larger judgments regarding Philippine society can be made.

Hosted for the World Slasher Cup and Cockfighting Culture

In the past, having hosted numerous World Slasher Cup derbies, the Philippines is an important stage for the world’s top breeders of game fowl. Each year, it is hosted at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City This event has been called”the “Olympics of Cockfighting.” Sy’s involvement with these events demonstrates her involvement in the Cockfighting culture. She has an experience that will enhance her knowledge of the art.

World Gamefowl Expo 2014: A Major Event

World Gamefowl Expo 2014 A Major Event

In the world of gamefowl-related events in the world, there is one event that stands out. World Gamefowl Expo 2014 stands out. It was held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila the expo brought together professionals and fans alike. As well as her involvement in these important occasions, Sy is determined to keep up-to-date with developments within the cockfighting world.

Experience in Online Cockfighting

Sy’s knowledge extends far beyond academia to the world of online cockfighting, in which she has proven herself to be an experienced player. Based on her personal experiences as a cockfighter Sy provides a unique perspective on the business. Her extensive knowledge of the intricate details of the online cockfighting scene makes her a useful guide for those looking for insights into the art of fighting.

Experience in Online Cockfighting

As a frequent contributing writer to Online Sabong, Sy shares her vast knowledge of the characteristics of the top breeders in the competition. Starting from Peruvian gamefowls and cocks like Kelso, Hatch, and Roundhead cocks, she offers professional analysis and thoughtful comments on different breeds. Sy’s writings help pet owners understand what to do to pick combat roosters based on particular characteristics forms, shapes, and speed.

Goals and Vision

Amanda Sy’s efforts to improve the field of cockfighting match her ultimate goal of creating a greater understanding of cultural practices. Through bringing together knowledge from academia as well as real-life experiences she hopes to broaden the debate about cockfighting, explaining its importance to the culture of the world and its ability to help us understand societal interactions.

Goals and Vision

As an anthropologist, writer, and experienced cockfighter, Amanda Sy continues to be an influential force in the promotion of an in-depth understanding of this long-standing tradition. Sy’s mission is not just to educate, but as well to encourage a new appreciation of the rich cultural tapestry that cockfighting creates in the Philippines and all over the world. With her efforts, Sy is encouraging fans to consider cockfighting more than an athletic event, but instead as a lens through which the intricate web of our society is uncovered and valued.

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Sy gives insights into breeds like Peruvian gamefowl Kelso, Hatch, Roundhead, and many more.

Sy sees it as a means to look at and understand the intricate web of society.

Sy provides an expert analysis and insightful commentary on the various breeds of rooster.

She aims to raise the discussion about cockfighting and highlight its significance in the culture.


Amanda Sy emerges as a leading figure who seamlessly blends scientific rigor and practical knowledge in the cockfighting world. The journey she has taken from the historical weave that is the Philippines to the world stage of cockfighting shows an effort to unravel the intricate nature of this custom. As an accomplished writer, anthropologist and experienced cockfighter Sy continues to add value to the discussion and sheds more light on the importance of cockfighting as well as its intricate connection to societal interactions.