The Most Expensive Gamefowl Breeds

Most Expensive Gamefowl Breed

The rooster which is now cherished by people all around the globe as their bright colors, quick speed and vicious fighting are in a class by itself. For their fighting ability, most one can think of but running skills in severe contests (this entire site has yet to appear). One of all the breeds you can discover that are different not only in battle skill, but also in price and its rarity. The following online sabong blog will tell all about the world of gamefowl to determine just which breed is most expensive for fighting roosters, and Cwhat circumstances keep them expensive.

What Makes a Fighting Rooster Breed Expensive?

What Makes a Fighting Rooster Breed Expensive

In assessing the value of a fighting rooster there are a variety of factors to take into account. Here are a few key considerations:

Pedigree and Lineage

Roosters from bloodlines that have produced champions in the past usually command higher prices. Breeders are concerned with the genetic make-up of a rooster because it can significantly affect how strong its fight is.

Physical Attributes

A rooster with good physical characteristics such as firm muscle brightly shining plumage straight back well-proportioned build and other such qualities is generally more sought after. Such characteristics improve a rooster’s appeal in battle skills, as well as its general popularity.

Proven Performance

Roosters that have a track record of winning fights, or producing the winners among their descendants are in great demand. Their performance history in the pit increases their worth and respectfulness.


A certain breed of rooster is either rare or has specific peculiarities of genetic make-up. The harder breeds that are difficult to locate and possess distinct trait values will cost more because they are fewer in number.

Market Demand

The price to which the market will stretch for a breed of fighting rooster is finally affected by its demand. If some breed in particular is popular among collectors and fans then in all likelihood it is going to be more expensive.

The Most Expensive Gamefowl Breed

The Most Expensive Gamefowl Breed

There are few breeds loved and pursued more avidly than the Peruvian gamefowl in the Philippines. It became a market at a high price. The Peruvian cock, through various changing times, finally reached certain quality standards that satisfied us in the past and today.

It Is the Antecedents and Development of the Peruvian Gamefowl

The interesting tale of the Peruvian gamefowl actually goes back to one man’s imagination and dedication–Don Humberto Gregorio Pedraglio Oddone. He was born in Lima, Peru on November 17, 1899–an exact date which (probably inadvertently ) evokes memories of his proud Italian heritage. During several decades from the late 1930s to 1970s, this remarkable breed was assiduously created and improved.

The Peruvian gamefowl is a storied family tree, that may date back to as early as the 1900’s, even so it did not reach the apogee of perfection until the mid-seventies. The species evolved by the composite intricately patterned mating of Oriental gamefowls–Old English Games, and Spanish gamefowl. In the actual breeding, the mainstays were breeds like Shamos, Malay, and Asil.

It is usually brown-red in color among Peruvian gamefowl, but there are many other colours of the species. Combs may be pea-shape or single-comb, but straight-comb is most common type; Weight is generally from 4 to 9 kilograms. The normal weight is 8 to 10kg. The size is remarkable since this does not in any way affect their speed or agility. Furthermore, some individuals may exhibit characteristics similar to an untidy neck or that arent rumpless.

Some scholars say the Peruvian cock is a breed “only famous for belligerence”, Its aggressive temperament is familiar to many who have raised them (see Aggression). Their fighting spirits show in the poultry clubs practice cocktail parties. Here I seek to breed an aggressive attitude combined with their unique fighting style this is Peruvian gamefowl, a favorite breed to crossbreed with different American breeds of gamefowl.

Cost of Peruvian gamefowl in the Philippines

In the Philippines, this has been a substantial outlay by those who wish to own a line of Peruvian gamefowls and in particular a reliable breed. A pair of birds that includes one male and two females each about 5 months old (soon to be ready for laying) can cost between P175,000 to P250,000. The price is out of reach for many Sabungeros or cockfighting fans. However, for those who have a substantial amount of money, it’s an investment well worth making.

Cost of Peruvian gamefowl in the Philippines

The popularity of Peruvian gamefowl may be due to misconceptions. American game fowl bloodlines are still the most sought-after breed in this area. So many people are skeptical about investing in a breed that hasn’t been proven yet. Nevertheless, the Peruvian gamefowl fashion isn’t backed up by as much performance as the American breeds.


There are many factors contributing to the cost of Peruvian gamefowl. These include their famous lineage, attractive physical characteristics, a reputed pit performance rareness and collector interest.

Peruvian gamefowl are famous for their deep lineage that includes strategic crossings of different Oriental gamefowl, as well as Old English Games and Spanish gamefowl. They have desirable traits like a strong build, balanced conformation and a vibrant plumage. This makes them extremely sought-after on the marketplace.

In the Philippines a line (especially of large chickens like this) – real, well-crafted Peruvian gamefowl can fetch between P175,000 and P250,000 for a whole set; males females;

One Full set includes one male plus two females that are about five months old for laying eggs with no guarantee as to whether they will reproduce successfully or not but all three birds are guaranteed Avian flu-free This price reflects how desirable these birds are popular among enthusiasts.

Peruvian gamefowl have long been noted for their violence as, especially if treated wrongly, well-known wild birds. Many breeders opt for separate houses in which the cocks and hens are unconnected, to avoid a clash of wills and protect the breeding.


Of any fighting breed, few others will rise above those Peruvian cocks. They have the impressive genetic background to be either excellent laying mothers or hardy cock fighters with their desirable anatomical qualities and recordings of success at the pit.

Even as the demand for Peruvian gamefowl steadily rises in the market, there is a lingering concern regarding their monetary valuation in comparison to American breeds. Despite this, enthusiasts and collectors with ample resources find investing in Peruvian gamefowl to be both significant and lucrative.

Online Sabong Philippines provides valuable insights into this aspect, offering guidance to those interested in navigating the complexities of this niche yet rewarding investment opportunity.

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