How To Play Online Sabong with GCash

how to play online sabong

GCash is one of the most widely used e-wallets by Filipinos for betting on Sabong online. With GCash, you can place bets and collect your winnings using your mobile device. This guide will walk you through all the steps to begin betting online Sabong with GCash.

How to Play Online Sabong | Get the GCash mobile app and set it up

How to Play Online Sabong Get the GCash mobile app and set it up

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started using GCash with your mobile device. Download the official GCash application from your device’s App Store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store for iPhones and Android devices).

Once the app is installed, launch it and follow the easy-to-use onboarding process. You will be able to register for a GCash new account. During registration, you will be asked to enter your Philippine mobile phone number, full name and birthdate, as well as your primary email address. Before creating an account, make sure you read their privacy and terms of service policies.

You will then set up your account security by creating a 4-digit GCash personalized PIN. This PIN is used to authenticate higher-risk transactions. Choose a code only you know, and never store it on your device.

Your GCash eWallet will be ready to load funds and place mobile Sabong bets once your PIN has been configured successfully.

Add Money to Your GCash e-Wallet

You must first add money to your GCash wallet using any of the supported payment methods. To place a wager, most GCash-supported online Sabong sites require a balance of 10-20 PHP. Make sure you have enough credits. You can load your online Sabong account with GCash in a number of convenient and quick ways:

Bank Transfer

Connect your Philippine bank account like BDO BPI Metrobank Unionbank and Unionbank in order to instantly transfer money to GCash. Once successfully paired, this method allows for higher daily transfer limitations.

GCash Outlets

Add balance at over 100,000 partner outlets such as 7/11, M. Lhuiller Cebuana Lhuiller or Tambunting for a small over-the counter fee.

Rewards Conversion

You can use your GCash rewards to purchase Sabong credits.

You can credit your account in a matter of seconds, so that you don’t have to worry about payment problems while betting on a thrilling match.

Select a Secure and Reputable Sabong Site that Accepts GCash

Select a Secure and Reputable Sabong Site that Accepts GCash

The first step is to choose a reputable and fully integrated online Sabong website that accepts GCash payments. Avoid unauthorized websites and ensure that your personal and financial data is protected. How to play online Sabong with GCash? Reviewing several high-quality options is recommended:

The 22Win Casino

This is the largest Sabong site in the Philippines. The site streams fights in high-quality video from the most popular Sabong hubs. The mobile app and their website are both easy to use, with GCash deposits and withdrawals.

Sabong International

This is a newer website that has gained popularity due to its focus on high-definition video streams. It also features an intuitive interface. A team in-house monitors stream stability to ensure uninterrupted coverage. With GCash’s popularity, they optimized the one-click payment through the eWallet.

Online Sabong Philippines

Online Sabong Philippines has been in business for more than 15 years and boasts one of the largest lists of fighting cocks registered. The media team takes multiple angles of the arena with commentary and overlays listing details. You can easily link GCash to your betting account and transfer funds.

You can withdraw your winnings and deposit money securely on these sites, which use GCash. You can deposit money using GCash as long as the platform is reputable and dedicated to fair and safe gameplay.

On the Chosen Sabong page, sign up and make an account.

After you have set up your GCash app on your mobile device, the next thing to do is register for an online Sabong account. If you are betting on a mobile device, download the Android/iOS App or visit the website of your chosen site. You can create a user profile by looking for the account sign-up section.

Register with your email address, phone number, and full name.

Please ensure that all information is accurate. You may need to verify your identity via SMS or email after registering in order to activate your Sabong account. This allows sites to verify that real people are opening accounts.

After your profile has been verified, you will have access to your Sabong account. This includes GCash wallet linkage, match browsing, betting, and other site-specific features.

Bet on Online Sabong with GCash

You can place bets for upcoming Sabong fights once you have enough money in your GCash wallet. The exact interface of each site may vary, but the process for wagering on live-streamed Cockfights will be similar.

Browse available matches – Use filters or search tools to find scheduled fights that will be streaming in the near future. Choose any match from the list that you find interesting.

Choose Your Cock 

After viewing the details of a fight, choose which cock you think will win. Examine their physical characteristics, previous fight statistics, breed histories, and any other attributes which may influence success.

Enter Wager Amount 

Based on the level of confidence you have in your cock picks enter the amount of pesos that you want to bet on this match. You must have sufficient credits in your linked GCash wallet before you can place the bet.

Confirm your Bet 

Finally, confirm and submit the wager before the match begins to ensure that it is locked in. The site you choose will deduct credits from your GCash account and add your bets to the queue for payout if they win.

Repeat the process for other matches you are interested in. You can easily place a range of bets funded by GCash on different matches from one account.

Withdraw your online Sabong winnings in GCash

All winnings associated with your bets on cock matches are automatically credited to the balance of your online Sabong sitelive account. Withdrawing money from online Sabong GCash Live is also convenient.

Today, most sites have seamless links that allow you to withdraw winnings directly to your GCash wallet. This eliminates the need to go through traditional banking channels. Some sites may require you to transfer funds to a bank account associated with your GCash profile before you can send the money directly to GCash via their mobile app.

The withdrawal of winnings can be done in seconds or minutes, depending on the website. No need to queue up and travel to collect past Sabong wins!

The Pros and Cons to Online Sabong Betting

The Pros and Cons to Online Sabong Betting

Using GCash for online Sabong cockfight betting has many advantages, but there are also potential disadvantages.


  • Instant Deposits & Fast Withdrawals
  • Avoid lengthy bank transfers
  • Banks are a convenient way to bet small amounts.
  • Last-minute betting just before the fight
  • Convenient mobile access


  • Limits on the size of bets
  • High rollers need to transfer money via bank
  • The technical problems that can delay the betting
  • App issues can cause you to miss out on in-game betting

These pros and cons will help bettors make an informed decision on whether to use GCash or other payment options available at different Sabong sites licensed in the Philippines.

Start Playing Mobile Sabong Betting with GCash Today

Playing online Sabong with GCash is a convenient way to bet on live-streamed cockfights. It’s available from anywhere in the Philippines. Register with a safe platform, add credits to your GCash eWallet, then place mobile bets on upcoming fights. Watch them unfold in real time, and withdraw all earnings instantly back into GCash. You can now enjoy this traditional pastime without ever leaving your home.


Gambling is another name for online sabong. Also known as cockfighting. Luck is a major factor in the outcome. You can improve your odds of winning by researching the performance and history of the cocks. Set a budget and understand the odds. Gamble responsibly. Remember that gambling is not a sure-fire way to win.

The legality and regulation of online sabong differs by country and region. It’s regulated and legal in certain places. In other areas, however, it is illegal because of animal welfare laws and gambling laws.

You can fund your GCash EWallet in a variety of ways. Link your Philippine bank account for instant transfers. You can also make over-the counter deposits at partner stores like M. Lhuiller or 7/11. You can also convert GCash rewards points into cash credit. You must have at least 10-20 PHP in your account to be able to place wagers.

Search for a secure and licensed online Sabong website that integrates GCash. Check that the website has a good interface and video quality. Make sure the site protects your personal and financial data. Reliable sites include 22Win Casino, Sabong International and Online Sabong Philippines. You can easily use GCash to make transactions.


In conclusion, utilizing GCash for online Sabong cockfight betting offers a seamless and convenient experience for Filipino enthusiasts. With its easy setup, instant deposits, and fast withdrawals, GCash provides a hassle-free way to engage in this traditional pastime from anywhere in the Philippines. By following the outlined steps, users can securely link their GCash eWallet to reputable Sabong sites, place bets on upcoming matches, and withdraw winnings with ease. While there are limitations and potential technical issues to consider, the pros of using GCash outweigh the cons for many bettors. Overall, online Sabong with GCash opens up a new avenue for enjoying the excitement of cockfighting while ensuring safety, accessibility, and efficiency in transactions.

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